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(Video) Empowering Rituals employees to be the beautiful face of the brand

The luxury cosmetics brand Rituals is experiencing a meteoric rise; from opening the first store in Amsterdam in 2000, Rituals today has urban spas, flagship stores and shop-in-shops everywhere from London, Madrid and Antwerp to Stockholm and New ...

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Creating a healthy organization

The health of an organization is based on its competence in creating a distinct vision, strategy and corporate culture and promoting this with excellence. A company needs to be ...

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10 Ways to Engage your Employees

There is an ongoing discussion about how employees should behave and how they should really engage more in the organization. But more often than not, it is not the employee’s ...

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Empower your employees and improve the customer experience

One of the biggest challenges in improving the customer experience is the implementation of managerial strategies at the frontline. Putting employees first is the key to satisfied ...

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Get your disengaged employees back on board

Disengaged employees are costing organizations a lot of money, for two reasons: Employee turnover costs and lost productivity. Employee engagement is often measured by evaluating ...

Engagement tips and tricks

Successful transformation through active frontline engagement

An organizational transformation can only be successfully undergone if frontline managers and personnel are actively engaged. In order to boost engagement, the company needs to ...

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Employees that are not engaged can harm the company

The Gallup Poll published in 2015, states that only one third of the American employees feel engaged in their job. Engaged employees are passionate about their job, align with the ...

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Increase staff engagement and well-being in health care

Staff engagement and the well-being of frontline personnel in healthcare have a significant impact on the quality of patient care. Empowering and engaging staff will not only ...

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Defining Employee Engagement

Organizations spend nearly 750 million dollars every year on improving employee engagement. However, when managers are asked what employee engagement means, the answers vary ...

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