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(Video) Empowering Rituals employees to be the beautiful face of the brand

The luxury cosmetics brand Rituals is experiencing a meteoric rise; from opening the first store in Amsterdam in 2000, Rituals today has urban spas, flagship stores and ...

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A recipe for organizational health

Organizational health is much more important than commonly believed and is of great value to a company. It is about making an organization function effectively by establishing a ...

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5 ways to motivate and retain young engineers

How do you motivate young engineers in the manufacturing industry? And how do you make sure they stay at the company? A university researcher has asked this to managers who are ...

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As the Pyramid of Maslow tells us: love and cherish employees

A workplace really has to be a very meaningful part of our life as employees, in order to let us excel at doing our job. The extent of our productivity and creativity is therefore ...

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Nurses consider feedback of coworkers more important than supervisor support

Frontline employees consider the guidance of their supervisors as important support to speak up with their ideas for improving customer experiences, but they feel that the support ...

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Four important skills of executive chefs in hospitality

In today’s competitive hospitality industry, chefs de cuisine need to have more skills than ever before. Knowing how to prepare food and to provide staff the right culinary and ...

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3 ways to improve casino employee engagement and turnover

Employee turnover has long been, and still is, a key concern of casino management and operators. New scientific research indicates that supervisors have a key role to reduce the ...

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