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Roses are red, violets are blue, how do you know your frontline staff love you?

It's that special time of year again, when we stock up on cards, balloons, chocolates and flowers for our beloved. But will you be celebrating one of your most important ...

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Successful transformation through active frontline engagement

An organizational transformation can only be successfully undergone if frontline managers and personnel are actively engaged. In order to boost engagement, the company needs to ...

Engagement Frontline

Defining Employee Engagement

Organizations spend nearly 750 million dollars every year on improving employee engagement. However, when managers are asked what employee engagement means, the answers vary ...

Engagement Frontline

Effective Communication with Frontline Managers

Senior Managers that want to develop and support their current and future frontline managers, need good communication skills. Communication is the key to personal development and ...

Frontline Internal communication

10 reasons why frontline organizations need a social platform

Yes, an internal social platform is perfectly suited for knowledge sharing and therefore innovation. But, maybe even more importantly, it fixes very common communication flaws ...

Frontline Enterprise Social Media

Why emotional engagement helps frontline employee performance

Frontline employees need to be able to express their emotions to their coworkers and manager. If they can’t share thoughts and feelings, the level of their customer service is ...

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