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All about Internal Communication


GDPR - have you had "the talk" yet?

Ahh, the GDPR. On one hand, the mere mention of those four letters still sends fear throughout the industry. But on the other hand... we’re kind of fatigued with information ...


Why head office is responsible for safety on the factory or shop floor

The world is full of weird and wonderful reports and surveys, on all sorts of subjects. But sometimes you stumble upon a set of statistics that simultaneously send your jaw ...


How technology can close the gap for onboarding non-desk employees

Organisations need to communicate with their employees. That’s a given. Table stakes. No brainer. And yet 70% of employees claim to want better communications from their employer, ...

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Employees worth their weight in gold: the ROI of good onboarding

Ah, onboarding. The term and practice may well have originally developed in the United States but now no HR person anywhere can ignore it. Onboarding employees goes much further ...

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Make your frontline staff your Valentines this year

It's that special time of year again, when we stock up on cards, balloons, chocolates and flowers for our beloved. But will you be celebrating one of your most important ...

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Do you love riding the high turnover, low satisfaction rollercoaster?

Have you been to Disneyland, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Europa Park or Six Flags in the past few years? As the car or train approaches, magical signs appear and transport you to ...

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Eight useful tips for successful onboarding

High quality onboarding is like a cheat code for your business - it helps new employees get off to a flying start and ultimately results in higher productivity and increased ...

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Employees that are not engaged can harm the company

The Gallup Poll published in 2015, states that only one third of the American employees feel engaged in their job. Engaged employees are passionate about their job, align with the ...

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5 ways to motivate and retain young engineers

How do you motivate young engineers in the manufacturing industry? And how do you make sure they stay at the company? A university researcher has asked this to managers who are ...

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