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All about Internal Communication

#Internal Communications

The beginners guide to GDPR lingo

We’re getting closer and closer to the GDPR. If you’re already asking yourself “what does the GDPR even stand for?!”* then you’re reading the right blog post, my friend.

Internal communications

Seven ways social platforms improve employee satisfaction

"Do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life"

Employee engagement Internal communications

4 reasons you should breakup with your intranet

In the workforce of today's world the relationship between employee and employer is no longer one-sided - the dynamics have matured, and employees expected to be heard (just as ...

Internal communications

You got 99 problems but a Speakap post ain't one...

There's an important and very complex mathematical equation we'd like you to know: Sharing = Caring. Incredible, isn't it! But we can take it a step further even. Sharing + Your ...

Speakap Internal communications

Reach for the grease: 7 signs your internal comms are stuck in a rut

“I need a big pot of lubricating oil immediately, our internal comms are squeaking again..!” If only it were that simple; then all companies would have their internal ...

Frontline workforce Internal communications

The Lean Startup way to introduce a new internal comms tool

You notice that something isn't quite right. You keep getting asked the same questions. News isn't filtering down through the organisation and reaching your frontline employees. ...

Internal communications

The 3 rules for employing in 2018: be flexible, be more flexible, be most flexible

As an employer, do you offer your flexworkers an Olympic gymnast level of suppleness or is your version of collaboration stiffer than a senior citizens yoga class? Learn what ...

Internal communications

The iceberg of employee satisfaction: what happens below the surface

"Great thanks, how are you?" It's the age-old answer when you bump into someone in the street and they ask how you're doing... an answer but it actually says nothing at all. The ...

Employee engagement Frontline workforce Internal communications

How technology can close the gap for onboarding non-desk employees

Organisations need to communicate with their employees. That’s a given. Table stakes. No brainer. And yet 70% of employees claim to want better communications from their employer, ...

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