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All about Internal Communication

#Internal Communications

The growth of my company has stopped. What now?!

It all started with an idea to start a business. From there, you created a business plan to begin your new life as an enthusiastic entrepreneur. Before you knew it, your sole ...

Internal communications

[Video] 4 Internal Comms Tips From Hudson's Bay

You learn a thing or two about people management when you're in business for 348 years. A good thing too, because when global department store chain Hudson's Bay decided to expand ...

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WhatsApp's new feature highlights the problem with one-way traffic in workplace communication

Last week, WhatsApp announced a new feature which gives group chat admins the power to make themselves the only member that can send messages; a benefit that will no doubt be ...

Internal communications

Understanding communication styles helps workplace relationships

At the basis of a positive employment experience, is positive cooperation with your colleagues. Think about it: when employees enjoy the people they work with, they enjoy their ...

Internal communications

How to lead a team: 7 lessons from international football management

Each international team competing in the World Cup in Russia this summer will consist of a squad of 23 players. In addition to the players, there’ll be teams of physiotherapists, ...

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The risk of public, social platforms for business communication

In last weeks news it became known that Continental, a German car parts manufacturer with over 235,000 employees worldwide, immediately forbid its employees to use WhatsApp and ...

Internal communications

How learning effective communication creates more energy on the work floor

Positive behavioral change doesn't happen just by chance - the only way to succeed is if new habits match the culture of the organisation and the employees. And no one knows this ...

Internal communications

Why connecting with your millennial staff matters

There’s a massive shift in the way that organizations communicate with its employees: the conversation is now two-way, dynamic, and can even be facilitated beyond the physical ...

Internal communications

Ain't what you do, but the way that you do it: the social enterprise

“Organizations today are increasingly judged on the basis of their relationships with their workers, their customers, and their communities, as well as their impact on society at ...

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