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All about Internal Communication

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[Video] How we built a company culture that we love

At the risk of sounding like we’re tooting our own horn, the past six months here at Speakap have been truly amazing.


[Video] 4 Internal Comms Tips From Hudson's Bay

You learn a thing or two about people management when you're in business for 348 years. A good thing too, because when global department store chain Hudson's Bay decided to expand ...

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Organising events 2.0: invite business units with just one click

Inviting large groups of people to a company event is a big task if you have to select each colleague individually. Here at Speakap, we want to help you work as efficiently as ...


WhatsApp's new feature highlights the problem with one-way traffic in workplace communication

Last week, WhatsApp announced a new feature which gives group chat admins the power to make themselves the only member that can send messages; a benefit that will no doubt be ...

Internal communications

The in-store experience is still key to winning in unified retail

The retail landscape is shifting rapidly, and the lines between online and physical retail are blurring faster than an Instagram filter, but the in-person and in-store retail ...

Customer experience Retail

Meet the team #9: Donata

Have you ever contacted Speakap with a question or query? Chances are you were assisted by the ever-helpful Donata: our highly acclaimed, Speakap support guru. When Donata isn’t ...


What retailers can learn from online shopping to create a unified retail strategy

When it comes to news about retail, it feels like all we hear is doom and gloom; a major retail chain has shut down, or another image of an empty shopping street. It's not ...

Customer experience Retail

Meet the team #8: Annelies

Annelies - she’s our all-singing, all-dancing, Human Resources superstar! It comes as no surprise that Annelies has helped to double the size of Speakap in the past six months - ...


Expert talks: an interview with Erwin van der Vlist

As the co-founder and managing director of an international company, Erwin van der Vlist knows better than most how important it is to have outstanding internal communication, and ...

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