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All about Internal Communication

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Meet the team #4: Ricardo

Mix Spanish roots with a lot of enthusiasm and you’ll get Ricardo! He’s passionate about everything that has to do with space and music, and besides he is a very skilled iOS developer. We're happy to have him in our midst and you'll get to know him ...

Team Speakap Meet the team

Are you hiring? How to become a magnet for non-desk employees.

In most the western world, unemployment rates continue to fall, which is of course generally good news. However, it places extra strain on industries such as retail, where the ...

Retail Non-desk workforce

Limiting absenteeism in standing professions [4 tips]

Do you look after your employees? We don't just mean that you've cut the 14-hour shifts, have abandoned the practice of "strapping" workers who don't pull their weight, you no ...

HR Non-desk workforce

The 3 rules for employing in 2018: be flexible, be more flexible, be most flexible

As an employer, do you offer your flexworkers an Olympic gymnast level of suppleness or is your version of collaboration stiffer than a senior citizens yoga class? Learn what ...

Internal communication Enterprise Social Media

The iceberg of employee satisfaction: what happens below the surface

"Great thanks, how are you?" It's the age-old answer when you bump into someone in the street and they ask how you're doing... an answer but it actually says nothing at all. The ...

Employee experience Engagement Enterprise Social Media

Meet the team #3: Arend

For many years, he has been the brains behind the Speakap web app, making sure it looks good and works beautifully. He is our super smiley, not-afraid-of-a-beer, frontend ...

Team Speakap Meet the team Frontend developer

How technology can close the gap for onboarding non-desk employees

Organisations need to communicate with their employees. That’s a given. Table stakes. No brainer. And yet 70% of employees claim to want better communications from their employer, ...

HR non-desk Onboarding

Meet the team #2: Anouk

In this edition of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce you to Anouk Bleijenberg. Anouk is Customer Success Manager here at Speakap. She’s always thinking three steps ahead, ...

Team Speakap Meet the team Customer Success Manager

Heathrow Airport provides the business case for employee engagement

The phrase ‘employee engagement’ has long loomed large over organisations of all kinds but for too long it’s been associated solely with departments such as human resources and ...

Engagement HR Internal communication