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How To Maximize Seasonal Workers' Productivity

Hands up if you’ve ever felt surprised by getting to the end of Summer and realizing that Christmas is only three months away? No, not just me? Isn’t it funny how year in and year out, we’re always surprised by how fast time goes by!


[VIDEO] Good Company Culture + Employee Engagement = Success!

It's a formula that makes complete sense and yet many organisations stil haven't quite caught on. Focusing on company culture and employee involvement almost always leads to ...

Employee engagement

The risk of public, social platforms for business communication

In last weeks news it became known that Continental, a German car parts manufacturer with over 235,000 employees worldwide, immediately forbid its employees to use WhatsApp and ...

Internal communications

The First Aid toolkit for workplace conversations

Do you regularly have to face up to difficult conversations with your employer, or do you struggle to make it clear to your colleagues or even your direct reports what your wishes ...

Employee engagement

Meet the team #5: Charlotte

She's a lover of language, although secretly she prefers to just take pictures of her son all day long. But when not taking snaps, Charlotte is a very happy Content Marketing ...


From LSD to ice baths: 5 crazy ways to increase productivity

Happy employees are more productive. So, to create better employees who perform to a higher level for the company, it is crucial that organisations launch initiatives which have ...

3 rules for employing: be flexible, more flexible, most flexible

As an employer, do you offer your flexworkers an Olympic gymnast level of suppleness or is your version of collaboration stiffer than a senior citizens yoga class? Learn what ...

Internal communications

Meet the team #3: Arend

For many years, he has been the brains behind the Speakap web app, making sure it looks good and works beautifully. He is our super smiley, not-afraid-of-a-beer, frontend ...


Meet the team #2: Anouk

In this edition of our 'Meet The Team' series, we introduce you to Anouk Bleijenberg. Anouk is Customer Success Manager here at Speakap. She’s always thinking three steps ahead, ...