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How To Maximize Seasonal Workers' Productivity

Hands up if you’ve ever felt surprised by getting to the end of Summer and realizing that Christmas is only three months away? No, not just me? Isn’t it funny how year in and year out, we’re always surprised by how fast time goes by!


Creating a healthy organization

The health of an organization is based on its competence in creating a distinct vision, strategy and corporate culture and promoting this with excellence. A company needs to be ...

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10 Ways to Engage your Employees

There is an ongoing discussion about how employees should behave and how they should really engage more in the organization. But more often than not, it is not the employee’s ...

Employee engagement

Empower your employees and improve the customer experience

One of the biggest challenges in improving the customer experience is the implementation of managerial strategies at the frontline. Putting employees first is the key to satisfied ...

Customer experience

Get your disengaged employees back on board

Disengaged employees are costing organizations a lot of money, for two reasons: Employee turnover costs and lost productivity. Employee engagement is often measured by evaluating ...

Employee engagement

Defining Employee Engagement

Organizations spend nearly 750 million dollars every year on improving employee engagement. However, when managers are asked what employee engagement means, the answers vary ...

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Effective Communication with Frontline Managers

Senior Managers that want to develop and support their current and future frontline managers, need good communication skills. Communication is the key to personal development and ...

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Attracting and retaining millennials in hospitality: 8 expectations

Millennials. Some call them the first digital natives. And they have a wide array of expectations for potential employers and their career. Hospitality companies focused on ...


Servitization of manufacturing impossible with current communications

The accelerating speed of technology development is pushing all industries to extend their customer offering with (digital) services. However, a too modest servitization strategy ...

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