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3 Reasons an ESN Can Be a Godsend in Restaurant Emergency Communications

Everyone eats out at a restaurant or orders take-away. Unless you live in the June Cleaver era, this is just a fact. But data shows this happens more often than not. In fact, nearly 20 percent of respondents aged 18 to 29 years old stated they ...

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Speakap Receives Strong Placement In G2 Crowd Winter 2019 Report

Can you believe that January 2019 is nearly over? We’re already in the full swing of winter, which means a few things. Heating bills are higher, sidewalks are now a danger zone ...


Meet The Team #12: Bart

Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed Bart! I’d like to start off by hearing what you had for breakfast this morning?


Episode 4 - The Importance Of Empathy In The Workplace [Podcast]

Frontline by Speakap is a community for progressive HR leaders to share (and learn) ideas and strategies for creating a thriving workplace, to therefore help all employees reach ...


My Last Great Customer Experience... #5: Tigerlily (Retail)

It was a sunny, summer's morning.

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Frontline Employees Are Your Most Underutilized Marketing Tool

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half!"  If only John Wanamaker, the marketing pioneer credited for the most famous industry ...

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Meet The Team #10: Dean

Have you been introduced to Bubba yet? Not to be confused with the character Bubba from Forrest Gump, Dean has joined Speakap as our US Account Director to share his extensive ...


Episode 3 - Culture That Drives Performance [Podcast]

Frontline by Speakap is our podcast for progressive HR, Internal Comms and business leaders to share (and learn) ideas and strategies for creating a thriving workplace, therefore ...


Meet the team #9: Natalia

Natalia Harakka is one of our passionate Sales Development Representatives. When she's not exploring the world (or the sand dunes of Haarlem), Natalia is exploring ways to help ...