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Essential Tips for Hiring Successful Seasonal Workers

Tis the season to begin planning for the holidays. Human resource teams often face significant hurdles when it comes to hiring and engaging seasonal workers, though they make up an essential part of the team.

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[VIDEO] How To Offer Exceptional Retail Experiences To Both Customers And Employees

How does a brand communicate clearly and instantly when it has more than 8,000 employees around the world, with more than 1,500 locations in 27 countries, and a catalog of more ...


The Growth Of My Company Has Stopped. What Now?!

It all started with an idea to start a business. From there, you created a business plan to begin your new life as an enthusiastic entrepreneur. Before you knew it, your sole ...

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Organising events 2.0: invite business units with just one click

Inviting large groups of people to a company event is a big task if you have to select each colleague individually. Here at Speakap, we want to help you work as efficiently as ...


WhatsApp's New Feature Highlights The Problem With One-Way Traffic In Workplace Communication

Last week, WhatsApp announced a new feature which gives group chat admins the power to make themselves the only member that can send messages; a benefit that will no doubt be ...

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What retailers can learn from online shopping to create a unified retail strategy

When it comes to news about retail, it feels like all we hear is doom and gloom; a major retail chain has shut down, or another image of an empty shopping street. It's not ...

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Understanding communication styles helps workplace relationships

At the basis of a positive employment experience, is positive cooperation with your colleagues. Think about it: when employees enjoy the people they work with, they enjoy their ...

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The Highly-Engaged Employee [Infographic]

What does an involved, highly-engaged employee look like?

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How learning effective communication creates more energy on the work floor

Positive behavioral change doesn't happen just by chance - the only way to succeed is if new habits match the culture of the organisation and the employees. And no one knows this ...

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