Employee engagement lessons from the Royal Family

May 18, 2018 - 3 minute read

After months of waiting, the day is just about here: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be walking down the aisle. And you can guarantee that nothing will be left to chance on this big day. With the eyes of the world on London, the 1,500 people that the British Royal Family employ will be pulling together to guarantee a world-class event . But how can you guarantee that these employees will deliver such a high quality experience? What is it that attracts exceptional talent to work for the House of Windsor? 

1. They are part of something bigger

Working for the Royal Family - or rather The Crown - has a magical glow around it. Even boring or repetitive work gets an extra dimension of excitement in a Royal environment, which keeps it interesting too. After all, you are part of a larger whole - of a centuries' old Royal institution - something that does not depend on political movements or economic ups and downs. "a place where jobs that could be routine elsewhere become extraordinary," as the British Royal Family website describes it.

Buckingham Palace

2. Driving a transformation

In recent years, the British Royal Family has been transformed from a traditional Royal Family into a modern institution where the Royal family members are more open and accessible. They are less and less 'above' people but are increasingly positioned in between. For example, the British Royal Family makes active use of social media channels such as Instagram. That makes it a lot more fun to work for - an organisation set on adapting to the world around it rather than simply accepting traditions.

Engagement announcement

3. Working on projects with global impact

Events related to the Royal family can easily attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, even today. If you work on something that clearly means a lot to so many people, it creates a sense of team spirit between you and your colleagues colleagues, while leading to enormous job satisfaction. That undoubtedly provides you with an extra skip in your step as you head to work in the morning.


4. It's a highly sought after job

Thousands of applicants register to apply for every new vacancy - they can't all be wrong about it being a meaningful place to work. If you are chosen from that large pool of applicants, it is definitely something to be proud of! And the salaries are not a secret - you can see the figures advertised and they're no more than the going rate for the role - suggesting that it is the magic of being part of something bigger than yourself that attracts all those people to apply.


5. Traditions are of great importance

Successful organisations are characterised by a strong culture. This keeps employees feeling highly involved in the organisation. The British Royal House is known for the many traditions it has, especially around holidays, such as the annual Christmas pudding that Queen Elizabeth gives to all her staff. It seems like something small and unimportant but it is a reminder to employees that they are part of a centuries' old institution.

British tradition

Engaged employees are the foundation of today's leading organisations. This applies just as much to the Crown. And while the world looks forward to and enjoys the wedding ceremony of Harry and Meghan, remember the 1,500 employees who made it happen.

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