Employee engagement: the true differentiator in the UK retail sector

May 8, 2018 - 1 minute read

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If you read industry news reports, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the rise of online retailers, without many of the overheads that physical stores bring, has sounded the death knell for high street retail.

And while it’s true that some retailers are struggling - and there have even been some big-name casualties over the past 12-24 months - other retailers are actually thriving.

The difference, as PA Consulting Group explains it, is “a refusal to become irrelevant” and the offline, human experience that takes place between the customer and the engaged, knowledgeable sales assistant who represents the retailer’s brand is one of the best ways to remain relevant.

Employee engagment

That’s why we’ve produced this Employee Engagement in Retail UK report. Written by Glynn Davis of Retail Insider, the report looks at the connection between highly-engaged employees, customer satisfaction and profitability as an organisation, before diving into some examples of UK retailers and high street F&B chains who are using outstanding employee engagement programs to successfully drive customer experience.

Download your copy of the report for free here.


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Matt Warnock

Written by Matt Warnock

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