Episode 6 - The Culture Study

May 20, 2019 - 2 minute read

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Frontline by Speakap is a community for progressive HR leaders to share (and learn) ideas and strategies for creating a thriving workplace, to therefore help all employees reach their full potential.

This is the sixth episode of our podcast series, which will feature a range of experts and industry leaders to discuss topics related to their individual expertise.

In this podcast we chat about Speakap’s new research study, The Culture Factor: Improving Employee Loyalty and Relationships.



About Ragini Bhalla and Matt Warnock

Ragini oversees communications and PR for Speakap. With over 10 years of experience in B2B tech marketing, communications and PR, she brings data driven and creative story telling to every tactic, project and campaign she executes. When she’s not busy at work, she is an avid traveller (over 50 countries and counting) and a foodie at heart. 

Matt is head of content here at Speakap. Originally hailing from the UK, he spent the best part of a decade globetrotting in journalism and publishing roles before becoming captivated by content marketing. He worked everywhere from Fortune 500 Tech companies to fashion brands, before landing at Speakap.

Connect with Ragini

  • LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/ragini-bhalla-4b81195/
  • Email: ragini.bhalla@speakap.nl

Connect with Matt

  • LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattwarnock79/
  • Email: matt.warnock@speakap.nl

In this episode we chat about;

Research Study - Culture Factor: Improving Employee Loyalty & Relationships

  • Pre boarding and Onboarding
  • Factors affecting employee loyalty and relationships
  • The various embodiments of culture within organizations
  • Which red flags HR teams should look out for when it comes to company culture
  • Main reasons for bad culture in an organization
  • Importance of feedback from employees
  • Affinity of younger employees with tech as well as giving and receiving feedback
  • Different types of culture in different countries

Mentioned resources;

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Samira Rane

Written by Samira Rane

Samira is our Marketing Intern, here to help the the team spread the Speakap story! Her skills include creating social media content and optimizing copy and landing pages. More importantly, her skills DON'T include grabbing coffees for the team.