(VIDEO) Improving leisure industry internal communications with an ESN

December 11, 2018 - 3 minute read

Communications and relationship-building are at the heart of modern business. And if the connection between frontline employees and customers has long been established and valued, organizations are now realizing en masse that previously overlooked internal communications play a key role - with better informed and engaged employees providing better customer experiences.

In fact, almost 80% of today’s managers acknowledge this relationship between engaged employees and the bottom line, according to Deloitte's Global Human Capital Trends report.

How do you become an employee-focused company?

Rather than defining a robust internal communication plan or strict engagement strategy, for many organizations wishing to transform into a more employee-centric brand, the starting point should actually be to arrive at a fundamental, company-wide understanding that employees are the face and voice of the brand.

For the Claror Group - a leisure and wellbeing organization with more than 1,000 employees and 90,000 customers across its nine venues throughout the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia - getting that buy-in wasn’t actually the hard part. The company already understood the value of its workforce. In fact, Claror’s mission statement includes the line “contributing, through leisure and sports, to improving the quality of life of people, both customers and employees".

But Claror did have one big issue that needed to be addressed:

“The problem was that, from an internal communication perspective, it was very difficult to be sure that we were reaching out to all our employees who either have little or no access to a company email inbox. They used to have outdated information or even miss important messages." - Gabriel Domingo, managing director Claror Group

Watch the full Claror and Speakap success story in this video

Identifying Speakap as the perfect solution

One of the challenges that large leisure, hospitality and even retail organizations face is having a large percentage of employees who are maybe only working a few hours per week, they don’t have a fixed desk, a company laptop or even a company email address; and they often work in different locations or on different shift patterns. This makes it especially hard to reach all workers in the same way.

This was exactly the case for Claror. The group manages multiple health and fitness centers across a huge variety of departments and, in addition to that, has staff working on differing shift patterns.

Caso exito_Claror
What won us over was that Speakap provides a platform, an application that allows us to work with different sites located in different geographical sites, but within Speakap it feels like we are all very close. Being able to unite people who are physically very separate or even have very different roles to carry out within projects within the same virtual environment has been super powerful.” - Ester Benach (head of internal communications and CSR, Grupo Claror)
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