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All about Internal Communication

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The First Aid toolkit for workplace conversations

Do you regularly have to face up to difficult conversations with your employer, or do you struggle to make it clear to your colleagues or even your direct reports what your wishes ...

Employee engagement

[VIDEO] How Hudson's Bay delivers exceptional experiences to both customers and employees

Be real, be curious, be courageous, go further.

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Employee engagement lessons from the Royal Family

After months of waiting, the day is just about here: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be walking down the aisle. And you can guarantee that nothing will be left to chance on ...

Employee engagement

My last great customer experience… #2 H&M

By Speakap content creator Jozy Gallmann.

Customer experience

Employee engagement is broken: time to rethink the whole damn thing

An engaged employee is 17% more productive, 37% less absent and they score between 12% and 34% higher in customer satisfaction ratings. No wonder US companies alone spend close to ...

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Meet the team #7: Edson

Edson is one of our talented Android Developers, originating from either Curitiba or Florianopolis (depending on how you look at it). When he's not busy writing code or gaming, ...


How to engage non-desk employees to become autonomous change leaders [Guest Blog]

Non-desk employees work in a variety of locations – manufacturing plants, construction sites, working ships, aeroplanes and buses. They may work alongside many other people, or be ...

Employee engagement

Employee engagement: the true differentiator in the UK retail sector

If you read industry news reports, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the rise of online retailers, without many of the overheads that physical stores bring, has sounded the ...

Employee engagement Retail

Why you should put employees before customers: 12 inspirational quotes from titans of business

In today’s hyper-competitive retail landscape, customer obsession has become the most repeated phrase in boardrooms the world over. If you can predict what the customer wants, and ...

Employee engagement