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Effective Communication with Frontline Managers

Senior Managers that want to develop and support their current and future frontline managers, need good communication skills. Communication is the key to personal development and ...

Frontline workforce Internal communications

Visionary leaders who communicate well inspire store associates

How are retailers able to inspire and retain store associates? Researchers shows that one part of the solution is charismatic leadership. 


5 ways to motivate and retain young engineers

How do you motivate young engineers in the manufacturing industry? And how do you make sure they stay at the company? A university researcher has asked this to managers who are ...

Employee engagement HR

3 conditions to get hotel employees to go the extra mile

Hotel employees tend to go the extra mile in providing a great customer experience, when their supervisors step forward as role models and their employers invest in brand ...

Hospitality Employee engagement

Scientists: in-store retail raises revenue by hiring additional staff

Increasing the number of sales reps is the first thing an in-store retailer should do to raise its revenue. A second option is to decrease the quality advantage consumers perceive ...

Retail HR

Five recommendations for successful internal marketing

Corporate communications is advancing from focusing on messages and channels to a focus on joint planning and coordination between internal and external communicators and HR ...

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As the Pyramid of Maslow tells us: love and cherish employees

A workplace really has to be a very meaningful part of our life as employees, in order to let us excel at doing our job. The extent of our productivity and creativity is therefore ...

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Nurses value coworker feedback over supervisor support

Frontline employees consider the guidance of their supervisors as important support to speak up with their ideas for improving customer experiences, but they feel that the support ...

Employee engagement Healthcare

Internal advertising turns disengaged employees into brand ambassadors

Does your company have to contend with disengaged employees who do not identify with the organization? Then one of your solutions is exposing your employees to internal ...

Employee engagement Internal communications