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Attracting and retaining millennials in hospitality: 8 expectations

Millennials. Some call them the first digital natives. And they have a wide array of expectations for potential employers and their career. Hospitality companies focused on ...


Employees with happy faces? Revenue likely to increase

Do employees with happy faces have a positive impact on revenue? Yes, very likely. Consumers' employee evaluations are less positive when associates are not smiling.

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Servitization of manufacturing impossible with current communications

The accelerating speed of technology development is pushing all industries to extend their customer offering with (digital) services. However, a too modest servitization strategy ...

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Four important skills of executive chefs in hospitality

In today’s competitive hospitality industry, chefs de cuisine need to have more skills than ever before. Knowing how to prepare food and to provide staff the right culinary and ...

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Successfully implementing internal social media: 4 key steps

Internal social media should be embedded in the work processes of all employees. Because as long as they don’t feel the need of using them, of course they will make little or no ...

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10 reasons why frontline organizations need a social platform

Yes, an internal social platform is perfectly suited for knowledge sharing and therefore innovation. But, maybe even more importantly, it fixes very common communication flaws ...

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4 problems that could be solved by an enterprise social network

When talking with companies, we often hear about the same problems that people encounter in their work. In this article, we would like to address a number of these issues and help ...

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Internal communications in maritime: blue collar workers not engaged?

A recent scientific report indicates that the staff of the large ship building company Damen (€2,1 billion turnover, 9000 employees) wants to receive more information from the ...

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Retaining flight attendants and the importance of job crafting

Retaining flight attendants has been a major problem within the airline industry and still is. However, airliners can fight employee turnover by empowering their flight ...

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