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Nurses value coworker feedback over supervisor support

Frontline employees consider the guidance of their supervisors as important support to speak up with their ideas for improving customer experiences, but they feel that the support ...

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Internal advertising turns disengaged employees into brand ambassadors

Does your company have to contend with disengaged employees who do not identify with the organization? Then one of your solutions is exposing your employees to internal ...

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Internal social media drive engagement, save costs and time

We don't have to hire a research company such as Forrester or Gartner to prove what we already experience. A study of the German Macromedia University, conducted in 2016, confirms ...

Internal communications

Internal social platform Speakap expands into Brazil

Speakap and Upsoul Consulting Inc. have entered into an agreement for the exclusive distribution of social platform Speakap in Brazil.

6 opportunities to improve frontline service operations

Frontline associates striving to improve service operations, say they need more mental coaching, interaction possibilities and a culture of trust, respect and open-mindedness ...

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Attracting and retaining millennials in hospitality: 8 expectations

Millennials. Some call them the first digital natives. And they have a wide array of expectations for potential employers and their career. Hospitality companies focused on ...


Employees with happy faces? Revenue likely to increase

Do employees with happy faces have a positive impact on revenue? Yes, very likely. Consumers' employee evaluations are less positive when associates are not smiling.

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Servitization of manufacturing impossible with current communications

The accelerating speed of technology development is pushing all industries to extend their customer offering with (digital) services. However, a too modest servitization strategy ...

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Four important skills of executive chefs in hospitality

In today’s competitive hospitality industry, chefs de cuisine need to have more skills than ever before. Knowing how to prepare food and to provide staff the right culinary and ...

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