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Social support hotel employee mitigates effect job insecurity

The support of the supervisor is very important to limit the negative effect of job insecurity on job performance. This is recently confirmed by scientific research published by ...

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'Supervision of social workers does not consider emotions'

Home health visiting is very important. It involves community workers' making regular visits to pregnant and new mothers and newborn in their home environments. To deal with all ...

Employee engagement

6 ESN implementation mistakes: Xerox using Yammer and Chatter

The implementation process of an internal social network is essential for its success within large organizations. Because Speakap cares about it very much since its start in 2011, ...


Managing hospital workers' emotions to enhance patient experience

Companies know how important it is to understand and manage emotions of customers. This is particularly true in health care, where the patient can feel a wide variety of emotions, ...


Speakap introduces 'read by indication' feature

Speakap has just introduced the 'read by indication' feature. It enables its customers to check whether an employee read or did not read particular news items.


How Kia reduced employee turnover from 31 to 2% through engagement

Interested in a strategy to improve employee engagement in an organization? Learn from Kia Motors, the Korean manufacturer that decided to focus on in line-manager performance, ...

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Speakap sounds gong of Amsterdam exchange Euronext

Great experience! As our  social platform for businesses has recently won the ABN Amro award ‘Best Retail Innovation of 2017, we were invited to sound the gong at Amsterdam ...


Speakap wins award 'Best Retail Innovation 2017'

We're proud and grateful! Last night, Speakap has won the ABN Amro Award 'Best Retail Innovation 2017' in The Netherlands. Our internal social platform has been praised by Dutch ...


Why emotional engagement helps frontline employee performance

Frontline employees need to be able to express their emotions to their coworkers and manager. If they can’t share thoughts and feelings, the level of their customer service is ...

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