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All about Internal Communication

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Take your customers' experience of your brand to the next level

The consumers of today know no mercy - in the 2011 Customer Experience Impact (CEI) Report, 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer ...

Customer experience

Seven ways social platforms improve employee satisfaction

"Do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life"

Employee engagement Internal communications

4 reasons you should breakup with your intranet

In the workforce of today's world the relationship between employee and employer is no longer one-sided - the dynamics have matured, and employees expected to be heard (just as ...

Internal communications

GDPR - have you had "the talk" yet?

Ahh, the GDPR. On one hand, the mere mention of those four letters still sends fear throughout the industry. But on the other hand... we’re kind of fatigued with information ...


Meet the team #5: Charlotte

She's a lover of language, although secretly she prefers to just take pictures of her son all day long. But when not taking snaps, Charlotte is a very happy Content Marketing ...


You got 99 problems but a Speakap post ain't one...

There's an important and very complex mathematical equation we'd like you to know: Sharing = Caring. Incredible, isn't it! But we can take it a step further even. Sharing + Your ...

Speakap Internal communications

Reach for the grease: 7 signs your internal comms are stuck in a rut

“I need a big pot of lubricating oil immediately, our internal comms are squeaking again..!” If only it were that simple; then all companies would have their internal ...

Frontline workforce Internal communications

Why head office is responsible for safety on the factory or shop floor

The world is full of weird and wonderful reports and surveys, on all sorts of subjects. But sometimes you stumble upon a set of statistics that simultaneously send your jaw ...


The Lean Startup way to introduce a new internal comms tool

You notice that something isn't quite right. You keep getting asked the same questions. News isn't filtering down through the organisation and reaching your frontline employees. ...

Internal communications