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All about Internal Communication

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Roses are red, violets are blue, how do you know your frontline staff love you?

It's that special time of year again, when we stock up on cards, balloons, chocolates and flowers for our beloved. But will you be celebrating one of your most important ...

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The 6 most pressing issues keeping HR professionals up at night

Last week, one of the UK’s biggest events for the human resources industry, HRD Summit 2018, took place in Birmingham. More than 900 attendees saw industry titans such as Nilofer ...

Employee engagement

New feature in Speakap: Events

To enable our clients to communicate efficiently with all employees in their organisation, we are currently rolling out the latest feature in Speakap: Events. The events feature ...


The generation game: how to manage a workforce that spans four generations

The last baby boomers are about to become pensioners, while generation Z storms the job market. This means that it’s entirely possible for four generations to be employed in ...

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Enjoy riding the high turnover, low employee satisfaction rollercoaster? Then keep ignoring pre-boarding.

Have you been to Disneyland, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Europa Park or Six Flags in the past few years? As the car or train approaches, magical signs appear and transport you to ...

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Meet the team #1: Dennis

Right after the company was brought to life, Dennis was approached by Erwin, one of the Speakap founders. At that time, Dennis he was studying Communication & Multimedia Design at ...


Eight useful tips for successful onboarding

High quality onboarding is like a cheat code for your business - it helps new employees get off to a flying start and ultimately results in higher productivity and increased ...

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(Video) Empowering Rituals employees to be the beautiful face of the brand

The luxury cosmetics brand Rituals is experiencing a meteoric rise; from opening the first store in Amsterdam in 2000, Rituals today has urban spas, flagship stores and ...

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Awesome news: Speakap logo is now available on Font Awesome

Every developer and designer who wants to use a company logo and hopes to find it as an SVG-file on Font Awesome, will be happy to read the following news. From now on the Speakap ...