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All about Internal Communication

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[VIDEO] How Hudson's Bay delivers exceptional experiences to both customers and employees

Be real, be curious, be courageous, go further.

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My last great customer experience… #2 H&M

By Speakap content creator Jozy Gallmann.

Customer experience

My last great customer experience… #1 The Dudes Factory

By Speakap's content marketing director, Matt Warnock I know it’s not cool for a man to say this, but I like clothes. I also like football, movies, working out and drinking beer, ...

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Take your customers' experience of your brand to the next level

The consumers of today know no mercy - in the 2011 Customer Experience Impact (CEI) Report, 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer ...

Customer experience

3 ways to create a unique customer experience

Creating a unique customer experience starts with your internal communication. After all, employees are the ones who make or break a customer experience. Use the following 3 ways ...

Customer experience

Empower your employees and improve the customer experience

One of the biggest challenges in improving the customer experience is the implementation of managerial strategies at the frontline. Putting employees first is the key to satisfied ...

Customer experience

Employees with happy faces? Revenue likely to increase

Do employees with happy faces have a positive impact on revenue? Yes, very likely. Consumers' employee evaluations are less positive when associates are not smiling.

Customer experience Employee engagement

When retail personnel does not treat customers equally

You miss the times when you were twenty-something and the cashier always made you smile? Well actually, you should still experience these situations - no matter your age. ...

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