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Why Tech Is Just What the Doctor Ordered to Fix Healthcare Staffing Issues

For anyone who’s watched Game of Thrones on HBO (and that’s pretty much everyone), the ominous saying that ‘winter is coming’ can often ring true (and be just as scary) for ...

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Increase staff engagement and well-being in health care

Staff engagement and the well-being of frontline personnel in healthcare have a significant impact on the quality of patient care. Empowering and engaging staff will not only ...

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Nurses value coworker feedback over supervisor support

Frontline employees consider the guidance of their supervisors as important support to speak up with their ideas for improving customer experiences, but they feel that the support ...

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Managing hospital workers' emotions to enhance patient experience

Companies know how important it is to understand and manage emotions of customers. This is particularly true in health care, where the patient can feel a wide variety of emotions, ...