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The Lean Startup way to introduce a new internal comms tool

You notice that something isn't quite right. You keep getting asked the same questions. News isn't filtering down through the organisation and reaching your frontline employees. ...

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3 rules for employing: be flexible, more flexible, most flexible

As an employer, do you offer your flexworkers an Olympic gymnast level of suppleness or is your version of collaboration stiffer than a senior citizens yoga class? Learn what ...

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The iceberg of employee satisfaction: what happens below the surface

"Great thanks, how are you?" It's the age-old answer when you bump into someone in the street and they ask how you're doing... an answer but it actually says nothing at all. The ...

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How technology can close the gap for onboarding non-desk employees

Organisations need to communicate with their employees. That’s a given. Table stakes. No brainer. And yet 70% of employees claim to want better communications from their employer, ...

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Major UK Airport Heathrow and the business case for employee engagement

The phrase ‘employee engagement’ has long loomed large over organisations of all kinds but for too long it’s been associated solely with departments such as human resources and ...

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What you can learn from the US’ best places to work

Each year, with the help of Great Places To Work, Fortune magazine names the 100 best companies in the US to work for.

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3 essential tips from HR and internal communications managers

On 8 February 2018, we held the first session of Speakap Exclusive Insights. Thirteen of our customers joined us for breakfast and to learn from each other how to raise their use ...

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The generation game: how to manage the multi-generation workforce

The last baby boomers are about to become pensioners, while generation Z storms the job market. This means that it’s entirely possible for four generations to be employed in ...

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Do you love riding the high turnover, low satisfaction rollercoaster?

Have you been to Disneyland, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Europa Park or Six Flags in the past few years? As the car or train approaches, magical signs appear and transport you to ...

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