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3 Lessons HR Managers Can Learn from Uber's Employee Experience Survey

To describe the past 18 months as something of a rough period for the ride-hailing giant Uber is like describing the village of Oymyakon, in northeast Russia, as a little chilly ...

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Product Speak: Email Isn't the Only Registration Way

Not everyone has an email address. No really, I’m serious. In fact, the World Economic Forum estimates that more than 4 billion people, mostly in developing countries, still don’t ...

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3 Telltale Signs Your Frontline Aren't Feeling the Engagement Love

From digital and mobile advancements to artificial intelligence and voice recognition, technology has become an integral component in improving the brick-and-mortar shopping ...

Managing non-desk employees Internal communications Retail

Hiring Frontline Employees? Here's How to Reduce Employee Turnover

You can’t eliminate employee turnover completely, but it's becoming easier to manage your business against it. Really...? Despite employed millennials hopping around more than ...

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