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[VIDEO] How To Offer Exceptional Retail Experiences To Both Customers And Employees

How does a brand communicate clearly and instantly when it has more than 8,000 employees around the world, with more than 1,500 locations in 27 countries, and a catalog of more ...


[Video] 4 Internal Comms Tips From Hudson's Bay

You learn a thing or two about people management when you're in business for 348 years. A good thing too, because when global department store chain Hudson's Bay decided to expand ...

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The in-store experience is still key to winning in unified retail

The retail landscape is shifting rapidly, and the lines between online and physical retail are blurring faster than an Instagram filter, but the in-person and in-store retail ...

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What retailers can learn from online shopping to create a unified retail strategy

When it comes to news about retail, it feels like all we hear is doom and gloom; a major retail chain has shut down, or another image of an empty shopping street. It's not ...

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Employee engagement: the true differentiator in the UK retail sector

If you read industry news reports, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the rise of online retailers, without many of the overheads that physical stores bring, has sounded the ...

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My last great customer experience… #1 The Dudes Factory

By Speakap's content marketing director, Matt Warnock I know it’s not cool for a man to say this, but I like clothes. I also like football, movies, working out and drinking beer, ...

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Are you hiring? How to become a magnet for non-desk employees.

In most the western world, unemployment rates continue to fall, which is of course generally good news. However, it places extra strain on industries such as retail, where the ...

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4 ways to support supermarket supervisors to excel at problem solving

In the age of the customer experience, it is shocking to realize that US supermarket supervisors are unable to resolve nearly 34% of typical daily customer problems effectively. ...


Visionary leaders who communicate well inspire store associates

How are retailers able to inspire and retain store associates? Researchers shows that one part of the solution is charismatic leadership.