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Meet The Team #12: Bart

Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed Bart! I’d like to start off by hearing what you had for breakfast this morning?


Product Speak: Custom privacy settings make Speakap the ESN your legal team loves

Ok, so an update to our legal settings might not have you all hot under the collar, but take this blog post to your legal and compliance teams and we guarantee you’re going to ...

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The Most Powerful Lessons I've Learned This Year

Set time aside to reflect What a year! What amazing velocity! We hardly ever stop at Speakap, but the end of 2018 is the right moment to look back at what we’ve achieved, the ...


Serious About Data Security: Speakap Snags ISO 27001 Certification

Do you know your ISO from your GDPR? Would you struggle to tell data protection and information security apart in a line up? Well, you aren’t the only one. Whatever function ...

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Product Speak: Email Isn't the Only Registration Way

Not everyone has an email address. No really, I’m serious. In fact, the World Economic Forum estimates that more than 4 billion people, mostly in developing countries, still don’t ...

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Does Your Head Prevent You From Performing?

At the beginning of this year, in my role as the Chief Human Resources Officer at Speakap, I set the ambitious goal of doubling the size of our organization within six months. And ...


Meet the team #11: Ivan

He's about as American as they come, moving to the States as a youngster and taking it by storm (with some help from I Love Lucy along the way)! When he's not hosting candy-driven ...


Meet The Team #10: Dean

Have you been introduced to Bubba yet? Not to be confused with the character Bubba from Forrest Gump, Dean has joined Speakap as our US Account Director to share his extensive ...


The American Frontier: Speakap Expands Westward

I can’t believe Speakap is seven years old! Patrick and I started the company to solve a real problem we encountered as store leaders, during college. How to communicate with the ...

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