The Growth Of My Company Has Stopped. What Now?!

August 14, 2018 - 6 minute read

It all started with an idea to start a business.

From there, you created a business plan to begin your new life as an enthusiastic entrepreneur. Before you knew it, your sole proprietorship turned into a company, and you found some good employees to help build your vision.  The pressure to achieve that first profit increased, but eventually you found success. The business seemed promising! But now, despite the larger team of employees, growth seems to be stagnating...

What do I do now?!

People make the business

There are many aspects that are important for running a health business: as an entrepreneur, there is always something to do! But there a few aspects that are crucial, and that can make (or break) your business. And in this blog post, we will focus on the importance of your staff: people make the business.


A small disclaimer: investing in people can be a useful strategy for growing your business, but this is not a guarantee. However, more and more research and publications are shedding light on the importance of this, and how satisfied and committed employees are valued more than ever.

Investigation and Insights

The latest Employee Engagement report from Effectory gives insight on the engagement and commitment of employees worldwide. The report clearly shows the correlation between employee happiness and company success;

"The distinction between leading multinationals and those who are left behind can be found in the people who form the organization."

The importance of people should never be underestimated, and many leaders agree:


At the core of market-leading organisations are committed and dedicated employees.
Arne Barends - Co-founder and CEO, Effectory.

The reason I started working in HR is because I believe that every business or product is built by people. So if you invest in the human side, or in other words in the people who build the product, you automatically invest in the business. Annelies den Boer - CHRO, Speakap.

If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers.
Richard Branson - Founder, Virgin Group.


There are various ways that you can take care of your employees. Clear communication is one of the most important ways. 

When there is little to no face-to-face contact between employees, the contact moments that exist - such as calling, e-mailing or contact via another communication platform - become more important. To connect and involve each other in the work and the process, it's important to keep in touch with each other, and to be able to help the other one out when necessary.
Jovanka Hoeboer - Trainer, Breaking Habits.

We know that effectively communicating with employees leads to more energy within the workplace.

But how exactly should you be communicating with your employees, when you're also focused on the growth of your business? Effectory claims there is a key factor for business growth that comes as no surprise: technology.

"New business models and disruptive technology remain the drivers of business growth and development"

So how does technology relate to effective employee communication?

What is disruptive technology? 

Disruptive technology is technology that replaces a previous technology that served the same purpose. It makes processes faster, and produces better quality output. A concrete example is the personal computer that once replaced the typewriter. In the workplace, disruptive technology is effecting the way we communicate and collaborate. But this shouldn't be limited to functions that operate behind a computer screen: disruptive technology can also improve the employee experience for your frontline staff.

Find out how retail giant Hudson's Bay deliver exceptional customer & employee experience here! 

In their daily lives, people are used to devices and services that are highly optimized, and therefore highly convenient to use. They expect the systems that they use at work, including the way they communicate, to meet their needs and expectations. So if your internal comms tools are out of date, or not working as smoothly as they should, it's fair to assume that they simply won't be used.

Speakap is a communication platform, and we take pride in being apart of the 'disruptive technology' category.


  • It is a new way of communication. All communication - from company announcements, to one-on-one communication - is bundled on to the platform. As a result, the platform effortlessly replaces e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, the intranet, a company magazine, call lists, and any other outdated way of reaching all employees in the organization
  • The platform is designed to the preferences and requirements of its users. It has the look and feel of personal social media, so everyone knows almost immediately how the platform can be used. The platform is continuously improved and adjusted to include the latest technology features.
  • The platform has a positive influence on work processes. This means that everyone in the organization can easily find each other via the platform - even if they're not working in the same office or building. Employees who work remotely in the field, in shops, restaurants, or anywhere else, can also be easily reached

Choose a disruptive way of communicating to accommodate your people, to disrupt the stagnant growth of your business.

And always challenge the old ways!

Speakap the Team

Written by Speakap the Team